Our #1 priority is environmental responsibility. Though no fabric is completely impact-free, we do our research and only choose fabrics that are vegan, on the leading edge of innovative sustainability (meaning avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance), and dyed with low-impact dyes to conserve water. This often means our fabrics take a long time to find and are more expensive. But it's a priority we're sticking to.

As 80% of the environmental strain of fabric occurs at home after the garment has been purchased, we recommend washing as little as possible, washing on cold, and hanging to dry whenever possible.



CUPRO:  Our Cupro is sourced from the Asahi-Kasei mill in Japan. The mill strives to be zero waste and recycles nearly all of its waste water. Cupro is made from the part of the cotton plant that is normally discarded and is considered an eco-friendly fiber. Our Cupro is also dyed with low-impact dyes which use less water than traditional methods of dyeing. Our Cupro garments are unlined but are thick enough to not be see-through (though you may want a slip underneath the citrine and light blush colors for complete modesty).

  • USED IN: the New Moon dress, Eclipse dress, Half Moon dress, + Ceres Kimono.
  • CARE: Cupro can be washed cold in the washing machine, and tumble dried in the dryer on low, though for the longest life we recommend hanging to dry.


SILKY NOIL:  We've always loved the feel and texture of silk noil, and searched high and low for a formidable vegan replacement. With this "silky noil," we've finally found it! Real silk noil is also known as raw silk, but our beautiful vegan version is actually Oeko-Tex certified 70% viscose/30% linen. It's a really special mid-weight fabric that drapes and hangs beautifully! 

  • USED IN: Available for all garments
  • CARE: The supplier recommends hand washing cold and hanging or laying flat to dry. You can always take your chances washing this fabric in a garment bag on cold in a washing machine, but make sure you don't put it in the dryer, to avoid shrinking! 


ORGANIC COTTON CREPE:  This 100% organic cotton fabric has a soft and drapey hand and a nubby texture, like your favorite vintage cotton caftan that's been washed a million times. If you don't care for how stiff/wrinkly linen can be, this is the fabric for you. At a mid-weight 4.7 oz, it's a wonderful fabric for summer.

  • USED IN: Available for all garments
  • CARE: We recommend washing cold and hanging or laying flat to dry. For garments with thin straps like the lotus, we advise placing in a mesh garment bag before machine washing to avoid straps getting caught.

ORGANIC LINEN:  Our 55% organic linen / 45% organic cotton blend available for our all of our garments is mid to heavy-weight (6.2 oz), sturdy, and high-quality. Linen is one of the strongest fibers out there and has been used to make fabric for thousands of years. When blended with cotton, it's wonderfully soft -- and a little wrinkly, but not as much as 100% linen. The organic status means that neither the flax nor cotton fields were sprayed with pesticide or herbicide.
  • USED IN: Available for all garments.
  • CARE: May be machine-washed warm (though cool is more energy-saving and a little easier on garments) and tumble dried on low. Remove from the drier promptly to avoid wrinkles. A medium-hot iron may be used if you like it wrinkle-free. We recommend putting the garments in a mesh laundry bag before washing, to avoid the thin straps catching on something and pulling. Note that linen, especially thicker linen like this, can feel a little stiff and structured when you first wear it, but it gets softer and gains more character the more you wear, wash, and love it over time.


HEMP ORGANIC COTTON DENIM:  Our hemp denim is mid-weight (6.2 oz) and a beautiful deep indigo shade. This fabric is a bit soft and drapey instead of rigid, which you might expect from a denim. Hemp is an incredible eco-friendly material and is the first plant ever to be used for textiles thousands of years ago. It requires no pesticides or herbicides. Hemp is also the most durable of all natural fibers and gets softer with use but retains its shape. Please note that due to the natural dyeing, some variations of color may appear in the fabric, but we think this adds to it's uniqueness.

  • USED IN: The Lotus dress, New Moon dress, Orion dress + Eclipse dress
  • CARE: Machine or hand wash in cold water with like colors. Since this is an indigo dye the color transfer may be higher than traditional dyeing. Please wash with similar colors, especially the first few times. Hang to dry. If needed, iron at a low temperature. 


HEMP ORGANIC COTTON STRIPES: This gray micro stripe is the hemp fabric of our dreams! It's lightweight (4 oz) - perfect for warmer weather and layering - but not so light that it's see-through.

  • USED IN: Available for all garments
  • CARE: Machine wash or hand wash cold. We recommend hanging or laying flat to dry. You can tumble dry low but the garment may shrink a bit if you do this


TENCEL:  Tencel is the trademarked name of a fabric known as Lyocell. While there are many forms of Lyocell, Tencel specifically is produced at the Lenzing mill in Austria, which carries the Oeko Tex 100 certification, indicating it contains no harmful substances. Tencel is made from eucalyptus trees grown on farms -- no old growth forests are harvested, and no pesticides are used. The solvents and chemicals used in processing are considered non-toxic and are 99.5% recycled. 

  • USED IN: the 1st collection denim Half Moon dress + Ceres Kimono
  • CARE: Machine wash warm with like colors and tumble dry low. Remove from the dryer promptly to avoid wrinkles. 


RAYON / LINEN:  Our rayon is produced from reconstituted Tencel and Modal Fibers, and when blended with linen makes for an exquisitely soft + strong mid-weight fabric. This fabric is dyed with low impact dyes and is sourced from Japan. 

  • USED IN: the season 1 wide leg pants pants
  • CARE: We recommend hand-washing cold and hanging to dry. Use a warm iron if needed. May be dry-cleaned. 


MODAL:  Modal is produced from reconstituted pulp from sustainably-harvested beech trees, making it a great eco-friendly fabric option. It is 50% more water absorbent than cotton, resistant to shrinking and pilling, wonderfully soft, and easy to care for. 

  • USED IN: the Stella top
  • CARE: Our knit modal is safe to be washed hot and dried in the drier normally.