About Us

Vesta Studio was born out of a love of high quality, luxurious textiles, and a need for affordable, modern + minimalist options that are also cruelty-free and eco-friendly. We go the extra mile to source the most innovative vegan fabrics, to cut + sew our garments locally, and design beautiful multipurpose garments so you can "buy less, but better."
The vision for Vesta began in 2009 while I was attending Parsons in NYC. It was the first time I had really thought about the fashion industry, and I became fascinated with textiles and the stories behind the fabrics I was using for class projects--especially leather, wool, silk, and other commonly-used animal-derived textiles. I realized that even I, a longtime vegetarian, didn't know much at all about these fabrics. I became obsessed with researching the truth behind fabric and and other issues within the fashion industry such as sweatshop labor and pollution. Soon I had given up buying clothing and shoes made from animal products, and instead searched for cruelty-free items that were also ethically-made, high quality, affordable, and fit my minimalist aesthetic. This constant, frustrating search made me realize there was a big hole in the market, and a vision for a clothing brand that satisfied all of these "pain points" emerged.
Today I'm proud to say Vesta is a brand built on transparency, community, and living in harmony with the earth and all living things. Our #1 priority is and always will be environmental and social responsibility, which should be the rule and not the exception.
We're based in the Bay Area of California and currently sell online only, but I hope to meet you in person someday soon. I am so excited you're on this journey with me + Vesta Studio! 
xoxo Kendall 
Want to know more?   Vesta is founded on the following tenants:
We produce locally. 
Producing in the USA means our company is supporting local economies and US jobs, and it ensures workers get paid a fair wage. We're also able to more easily oversee quality control this way, to ensure our garments are perfectly made.

We use innovative and eco-friendly fabrics.
We go the extra mile to source the most sustainable fabrics available such as Cupro,  Modal, + Tencel to ensure we leave as small a footprint as possible. 

We design with functionality and versatility in mind. 
The most sustainable clothes are the ones that you'll have and cherish for years. We design seasonless clothes that go beyond momentary trends. We believe in "buy less, but better." 

We only use fabric dyed with low-impact dyes. 
Using fiber-reactive, low impact dyes means that less water is wasted than with traditional dyeing.

We will never use any animal products, ever.
Why use them when you don't need to? We prefer to leave animals out of the equation, even if it means we have to get a little creative. We will never compromise on being anything less than 100% cruelty-free, and we're proud to be PETA-approved vegan.

We support honesty & transparency. 
We will always share all the information with you about our materials and production, so you can make an informed choice. We're into honesty, not greenwashing (making something sound more eco than it is), and we welcome any questions you have about our fabrics or anything else. 

We strive for affordability.
It's not surprising that most people think sustainable fashion is too expensive for them. It's important to us to make sustainable, vegan fashion as accessible as possible, and we price our products fairly. Plus, selling direct-to-consumer online means we can keep our prices lower than they would be in a store.
Site Credits
Photography: Falcon Related
Model: Heidi Jo of Willow Model Management
Hair + Makeup: Jessica Tyransky 
Shoes: Susi Studio courtesy of Moo Shoes LA
Earrings: Soko