About On-Demand Production

We're proud to be using an eco-friendly on-demand production model at our wonderful partner factory in Florence, Alabama! You might hear this model called "on-demand", "made-to-order" or "custom-made" production. With consumers and brands alike (not to mention, Mother Earth) tiring of mass consumerism, mass production, and clogged landfills due to inventory waste, we happen to think this method is the way of the future.

We produce on-demand in order to keep waste (inventory, fabric usage and scraps) low, and it also helps this independent brand survive and thrive because we don't have to meet high production minimums every season. We hardly ever have sales because we don't have excess inventory to get rid of, but our prices stay at wholesale (no retail mark-ups here), so it evens out! It also allows us to be flexible in terms of customizing your garments. Most of our garments have different length options, at the very least!


Please note that since our garments are custom-made they have a lead time (the time is takes from ordering it, to shipping it out to you) of an average of about 10 business days, though on rare occasions it may take a little more, especially with more delicate fabrics like Cupro. Each garment must pass a quality inspection before being shipped out. Even though each piece is made-to-order, they can still be returned or exchanged, but we ask you to try to determine your correct size the first time (feel free to email us for help) and to avoid ordering multiple sizes to try on whenever possible, as this becomes very costly for us. 

Feel free to email us at hello@shopvesta.com before ordering if you're not sure of your size or have questions, so we can get your order right the first time! Also, if you're in a hurry to get your order, don't hesitate to reach out and ask. We may already happen to have something in stock, or be able to check with our factory for an estimate on production and shipping time. It never hurts to ask!